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♥ Facts One ♥

1.When you search "funny pictures" on Naver image, the first three pages are full of Jessica.

2.Jessica hates any fruit that is related to melon.

3.Jessica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage.

4.Jessica has the longest training years.

5.She would choose sleeping over eating

6.Jessica cries when she is angry.

7. When she is scared, she starts to make dolphin sounds and kicks anything at sight.

8.She sweats a lot.

9.Jessica and Tiffany are the two members from US. Jessica from Sna Francisco and Tiffany from L.A.

10.Jessica and Sooyoung once tried to set up a three-girl group called called Goneko (kittens in Japanese I believe?), but the plans fell through.

11.Jessica's shoes flew away once while performing Tell Me Your Wish Live.

12.Key from SHINee is scared of Jessica

13. Yuri once said to her, "You are a warm Ice."

14.Jessica walks with her feet outward.

15.Jessica and Tiffany's cooking scare SNSD and make them desperate.Jessica one time cooked too much food, she doesn't know how to measure correctly, and Sooyoung basically made fun of her for it, so to prove Sooyoung wrong, Jessica ate all of it.

16.Her right eye twitches whenever she laughs so hard.

17.Jessica is once the most hated trainee ever. Why? She is said to date most of her oppa's in DBSK and Super Junior.

18.When they flooded their dorm because they forgot to close the washing machine. everyone cleaned it up except for Jessica who was still asleep.

19.Jessica's favorite promotion is when they performed Oh! On the Ice Rink.

20.Jessica was once reported missing. Turns out that she was in a bathroom, sleeping.

21.Jessica made a Cameo appearance in Super Junior M's "Super Girl"

22.She is popular to the boys.

23. She once said to Taeyeon, "Kim taeyeon, How can you do this to me??! We are TaengSic Shi Dae!

24.She wants to marry at the age of 26

25. Jessica once kicked Manager oppa to the pool.

26.She sleeps an average of 12 hours a day.

27. Jessica won the award,"Most Tempered" among KARA and SNSD members. She was voted by other boy Groups.

28.Jessica was voted, "The one person you want to be with at the first snowfall"

29.Jessica and Tiffany was born in the same hospital.

30.Jessica cares about YuRi so much because she looks like Krystal and sadly, she didn't pay attention to Krystal before. but now, their relationship is jjang. Jessica even promised that she would buy 5 copies of Nu ABO album.

31.Sica can do soccer and a little Boxing.

32.Sica and Tiffany have seen the first snow together for 3 years in a row. After seeing the first snow, Tiffany realized that Jessica was next to her and said "Ugh, again?" then went to go eat chicken.

33. SNSD‘s Jessica was picked as the #1 artist who fans would like to share an umbrella with. On the poll “Which artist would you like to share an umbrella with” was enforced and over 50% chose Jessica, and the results were overwhelming.

34.Jessica did a collaboration with Park Myungsoo and MyungSica participated on MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge

35.In SNSD‘s new mini-album, Jessica’s tender voice and SHINee‘s Onew’s sweet and warm vocals are featured in the ballad song, “One Year Later”.

36.Jessica once said "Pretty girls are always nice" then Fany immedaitely said, "then you must not be so pretty"

37.According to the US Census Bureau°,
0.49% of US residents have the first name 'Jessica' and
0.0072% have the surname 'Jung'.
The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate
there are 106 Americans who go by the name 'Jessica Jung'.

38.SNSD’s Sunny shared a surprising story about her team member Jessica. Nicknamed ‘Pervert Sica,’ it has been revealed that Jessica takes pictures of her fellow members while they are changing! Sunny commented, “Because we’re all girls, we change into our clothes in the waiting room together. However, one time when we changing, we heard a camera clicking from somewhere and we were surprised. It turned out that it was Jessica who took a candid picture of us and she was laughing. We told her to erase it but she answered, ‘No, this is going to be my memorable keepsake.’ While she was laughing at looking at the pictures, she also bragged ‘I have yours and yours…’

39.Sica started to sing when she went to a department store, she didn't know anything but she started singing. Since then, singing as been her hobby.

40.She explains the "Sica Effect" Once. She said it is a state where the atmosphere suddenly turns cold at her presence.

41.She was once caught in a fan hug raid incident.

42.once in a variety show, Taecyeon sent an email pretended as Park Jaebum, The email Content a file music named "When i Seduce Jessica" XD ... Then Park Jaebum almost passed out when jessica winked at him... And Jessica also said that she was waiting for Park Jaebum to pick her... Lol

43. Sica has a younger sister, and said that she's is unable to be a good example for her sister and added that she seems like she can't watch over her like an elder sister.

44.On arirang, She was once asked who her Bestfriend is and she answered it is Tiffany. Arirang gave them friendship Bracelets.

45.The most effective way to wake her up is to make her Laugh.

46.Once, she found a word so funny that she couldn't stop laughing.

47.Jessica never paid the fine for waking up late.

48.On Dream Team couple, Jessica yelled out to Krystal, "Unnie Hwaiting!!"

49.Jessica told Tiffany that she was the team's hole beacuse her Oh! outfit number was zero.

50.sica is so caring about krystal... and she once said that she'll buy 10 pcs. of nu abo album :) she is a supportive sister as well :)

51.Jessica is one of the lead singers.

52.She always cheers for SNSD on dance battles.

53. She is dreadful when it comes to cooking.

54.Sica once told sooyoung that she'll find something to eat while eating a sandwich by herself (when sooyoung is walking around sica hoping that she'll get a bite of the sandwich)

55.She wants to go out without her manager oppa.

56.She asks her mom to make a sandwich for her and the other members.

57. IN order to prank sooyoung and tiffany. Sica and yoona added salt and vinegar to the kimbab and sandwich that they made.

58.sica is sometimes caught with a wierd sitting possition when sittin on floor!

59.Sica made Yuri scared of her that Yuri used honorifics for a year even though they were the same age.

60.Jessica is also called sickal which means knife..

61.Sica: "Kick"
Taeyeon: "After throwing so many punches, you ask for a kick at the end?"

62.Actually, Krystal was the first in the Jung family to be asked to be trained in SM training Company, but because she was too young, her mother didn't let, thus Jessica 'replaced' Krystal into SM Company.

63. Sica and Taeyeon are the one's with the highest vocals.

64. Jessica is the one who is most popular among boys.

65.Jessica once sneaked out with other members to go to the amusement park.

66. Jessica fluently speaks english.

67. Jessica walks like a sergeant.

68. Jessica was once tickled by Sooyoung in their Oh! Performance. It was on the part of, "Tell me boy, Love it it it it it it ah!"

69. On their devut, her hair was black.


♥ Facts Two ♥

01. Sica has the longest training years
02. Sica and Sooyoung once tried to set up a three-girl group called called Goneko (kittens in Japanese I believe?), but the plans fell through (here)
03. Sica really hates cucumber and it's smell
04. Sica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage
05. Sica cries when she's angry
06. When she is scared, she starts to make dolphin sounds and kicks anything at sight
07. Sica's show flew away once while performing Tell Me Your Wish Live
08. Yuri once said to her, "You are a warm Ice."
09. Sica walks with her feet outward
10. When they flooded their dorm because they forgot to close the washing machine. everyone cleaned it up except for Sica who was still asleep
11. Sica was once reported missing. Turns out that she was in a bathroom, sleeping
12. Sica won the award,"Most Tempered" among KARA and SNSD members. She was voted by other boy Groups
13. Sica explains the "Sica Effect" Once. She said it is a state where the atmosphere suddenly turns cold at her presence
14. Sica has a younger sister (Krystal), and said that she's is unable to be a good example for her sister and added that she seems like she can't watch over her like an elder sister (MTV SNSD)
15. Sica's Korean name is Jung Soo Yeon
16. Once, Sica got diamond ring from her fans for her birthday (here)

01. Back in her training days, Jessica was a member of the school soccer team (and was apparently very good). SM made her quit because they were worried that she might hurt her face
02. Sica and Krystal got the "Most Popular Celebrity Siblings" title..
03. Sica got the second place (next to JaeJoong) in a poll: Korea's blonde bombshell
04. Sica performed "One Year Later" with SHINee's Onew
05. Sica sang a popular duet called "Naeng Myeon" with Park Myung Soo which topped the cyworld during the summer
06. Sica's solo performance in their first solo concert is "Barbie Girl" which is performed with SHINee's Key, and at one point with SuJu's HeeChul
07. Together with SHINee's JongHyun, Sica sang "Sexy Love"
08. Sica was called a pervert because she took pictures of the members while they're changing.
09. Sica is good at lip-reading.. she got 5 out of 7(or 8?)right
10. Sica won the poll "The female celebrity korean boys want to date on the first snowfall of the year".

11. Onew is grateful to her because she recommended him to star in a musical (brothers were brave).
12. Sica likes to wear Abercrombie and Fitch
13. Former 2PM's JaeBeom was believed to have titled a file "The Seduction of Jessica" but it turned out that Taecyeon was the culprit
14. 2PM's JunHo gave her a chocolate during the Dream Team recording which became a hot topic on the internet
15. Sica also sang "You Raise Me Up" with Lena Park on Hollywood bowl.
16. Sica performed a lot of duets with Tiffany; "Heaven", "Only One for Me", "Genie in a Bottle", "Can't Fight the Moonlight", "Garden in the Air" and "Caramel Coffee"
17. Sica once dressed up as a cowboy
18. Sica smashed a cake into Sunny's face during a radio show (violent sica..XD)
19. Sica was chosen as a regular on KBS Happy Birthday, but due to overseas promotions, she'll only appear on first five episodes

01. Sica can speak Korean & English fluently
02. Sica lives in California before she came to Korea
03. Sica was called an ahjumma by V.O.S. members (but she was totally cute shrieking about it. haha)
04. Sica started being called Sergeant Sica from variety show Good Song
05. Sica won a vote on the most favourite person you want to share an umbrella with
06. Sica is in top 2 closest from SNSD with SuJu HeeChul
07. Sica loves to read
08. Sica hates watermelon too
09. Sica often got cramps (the most among the girls)
10. Sica after debut has been accused of scandal/dating with DBSK ChangMin & JaeJoong
11. Sica's first kiss (well at least publicly, hopefully) is with YooGeun
12. Sica starred in Kim Jo Han (her mentor) MV as the female lead
13. Sica often spaces out in interviews (the best! lol ;D)
14. Sica can sleep for 12 hours a day
15. Sica is called and ice princess because of her often boring-like-look in interviews (but we love her for that ne? ;p )
16. Sica prefers to sleep than to play
17. Sica won the best friends award with Tiffany
18. Sica loves headbands
19. Sica prefers flats rather than heels
20. Sica had been once thrown by the members in attempt to wake her up but she's still asleep
21. Sica obviously is the hardest person to wake up in the morning. Everyone voted for her unanimously
22. Sica will wakes up if you make her laugh
23. Sica cannot cook! but I guess she can if someone guides her..
24. Sica takes 1 hour to just mix the mayonnaise with tuna
25. Sica has a slow reaction (one of my faves. keke ;D)
26. Sica around after the time of the girls debut, had stolen krytal's clothes and money
27. Sica and Krystal's clothing style are very different now in which sica likes cute pink outfits whereas krystal prefers down to earth styles (from krystal)

01. Sica exercising like crazy
02. Sica being crowned as "sleeping beauty"

01. Sica hates Sunny's aegyo...A LOT
02. Sica has many SNSD couples (taesic, jeti, yulsic, yoonsic) ... Seohyun is often called her child
03. Sica saw the first snow with tiffany many times, and once they decided to get fried chicken after seeing it
04. Sica hates anything that's cucumber-liked, so that includes water melon, asian pear, and a few more
05. If you look VERY closely, you see that Sica makes a mistake(?) toward the end of Chocolate Love MV, she was not dancing the same as others at least
06. She got her face caked on her birthday in 2010 during a concert
07. Sica's birthday was publicized on a newspaper (SNSD's first?)
08. Sica paid the most to Seohyun's policy of paying money if you were late
09. Sica and Hyoyeon made Yuri take off her shoes on her first day, Sooyoung was there as well
10. Sica would rather just rest in her home on a vacation
11. Sica is said to be to have the same personality as Heechul... so said Heechul
12. If something is funny to sica, it's REALLY funny to her (you can make her laugh just by saying the word(s)in fact)
13. Sica needs someone to give attention to her constantly... said Heechul
14. Sica likes people intimate her...said Heechul
15. Sica's celebrity crushes are Daniel Henney and Josh Hartnett, Josh is the most recent one (as of June 2010)
16. Sica wants to get married around the age of 26
17. Sica can't stretch well (hence the Ahjuma??)
18. Sica reaches her limits the most during the Oh performances along with the Legally Blond Musical
19. The members once prepared a bouquet of flowers + cucumbers for her at the musical video
20. Sica says her specialty is "mon" (day-dream in Korean)on Intimate Note
21. Sica was really bothered by Sunny's comment of "try to put that effort in Tell me Your Wish" after Sunny watched the Naeng Myeon performance
22. Sica has a weird habit when she's drunk (she called her mom to meet her somewhere <- someone check this?)
23. Sica and Taeyeon, although did not show up in the Cabi MV at all, sang for the MV
24. Sica, Yuri, and Tiffany are all not close to Kyungsan...or rather Kyungsan doesn't like them as much as he does for other members
25. She lost her red balloon during the shooting of the "Super Girl" MV
26. Tiffany once said "you must not be pretty" to Sica after someone said "pretty girls are nice."
27. "I want my hairspray RIGHT NOW", "Now right now~", "N-O-W now!!"
28. one of Sica's small talent is that she can stretch her face quite a bit
29. Sica was the only one who, besides showing up to Taeyeon's last ChinChin radio boardcast, posted something on the ChinChin website
30. Sica cried during the last performance of the Legally Blond Musical
31. Sica once apologize to Taeyeon on TV for not singing loud enough
32. Sica's roommate was HyoYeon, now SooYoung

01. Sica fails at measuring food.
02. Sica sometimes sounds like a goat.
03. Sica is funny when she doesn't intend to. (Fact confirmed by SNSD)
04. Sica in charge of SNSD's austerity

01. Sica'a birthday has been number 2 trending topic on Twitter
which have a title #SicaisLegallyBlonde
02. Once Sica and Yoona planned to trick Sooyoung and Tiffany by putting salt and vinegar on the food they making
03. Sica once likely to fell due to sleepiness in front of Sooyoung on their interview
04. Sica and Fany ever became the worst mom to Kyungsan
05. Sica has the aura of a sergeant with her whole body
06. She knows very well that she is a pervert~ haha!
07. Sica said that she always get nervous at stage thats why she intend to hold any of her members hand
08. Sica has a unique sitting position..
09. Sica loves airconditioner..
10. Sica has a habit of smelling things..

01. Sica sleeps with one arm above her head like she is being reprimanded by a teacher.
02. Sica has the best mong (bored) look in SNSD

01. Kyungsan pays more attention to tripod than Sica and Fany

01. Sica mentioned that she looked mad with her new haircut for Run Devil Run while zoning out or staring at somebody

01. Sica sang fly me to the moon and mistook the first part

01. Sica and Fany was born in the same hospital in U.S.

01. SNSD gave Sica leftover cake for her birthday because they didn't have enough time and was filming too many things that day, Sica was still happy though because they cared

01. Sica is the only one who didnt speak japanese in the video of SNSD in Japan

01. Sica used to drink out her sister's (Krystal) baby bottle when she was a kid, and she often got scolded for i

01. Sica's dog's name is Ggulyee
02. Sica's motto is "Follow your heart"
03. Male singers Sica wants to sing a duet with are: Kim Johan, Na Yun Kwon, and Xiah Junsu
04. Sica has said that she is the least ambitious out of all the members
05. Sica said that she wants to go study overseas after her career with SNSD
06. Sica's ideal type is someone with 'kind eyes' and someone who can make a good first impression
07. Sica's screams have the potential to break windows
08. Sica is a big Romeo and Juliet fan, especially the movie with Olivia Hussey
09. Sica likes old school American music; Frank Sinatra (fly me to the moon), George Michael (careless whisper), Debarge (love me in a special way), etc. etc.
10. Sica admitted in a pre-debut questionaire that she "has someone" <- I'm assuming she had a boyfriend
11. Sica is very bad at impersonations, or at least when she is told to do them. Apparently, she is good at stuff when she doesn't do it intentionally.
12. Sica is a hopeless romantic, and she reads many many chick flicks. However, she also reads more sophisticated books like "Freakonomics" and "the Kite Runner"
13. Sica is close with many celebrities, including Kim Hyunjoong (SS501), DBSK Jaejoong and Micky, most of Super Junior, Jang Geunsuk, and countless others. It seems as though she is a great person to meet in real life, but very shy on camera
14. Sica has stated that she wants to live in the US after SNSD.
15. Sica has said that she wants to try acting, but not as a serious leading role, but perhaps a light comedy, with a chracter that suits her own personality.
16. Sica has said herself that she is very introverted.
17. Sica thinks she is the prettiest after taking a shower, so she stays in a her towel long after her showers.
18. Sica found the tears to cry in Kim Johan's MV 'Sorry, Love is Late' by talking on the phone with her mom.
19. Sica's mom does her laundry for her. (this is back in 2008, might be different now)
20. Sica said (in a pre-debut questionaire) that talks with her mom helped her get through tough times.
21. Sica is a total daddy's girl. Her dad cried whenever she talks about marriage, her parents get upset when she even talks about who she likes. And she typically goes for manly manly men ;) (ie: Daniel Henney, Josh Hartnett)

01. Sica has also done covers of the following English songs: (for proof, you can found it in Tkal's Ultimate English Compilation thread)
* Hero by Mariah Carey
* Stupid Cupid by Howard Greenfield and Neil Sedaka
* If I Were You by Tamia
* Don't Say You Love Me by M2M
* I Love Rock and Roll by Alan Merrill/Jake Hooker
* Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer

01. Sica doesn't watch TV often
02. Sica has to see a person about 10 times in order to remember them
03. Sica once cried when she misunderstood HyoYeon's sudden 30 minute disappearance as slacking.In actual fact,Hyo Yeon went by herself to see a music video so that the whole team can learn a certain dance faster.While Sica knew of that,she felt guilty and cried eventually
04. When they just debuted , Sica once collapsed due to exhaustion after performing an encore of ITNW in a hot place

01. Sica called her mother and asked how to make sandwich (Hello Baby)
02. Sica kicked her manager into a pool (find post no 158)

01. Base each girl’s profile (extraversion, blood type, education, age, etc.) and their disposition on various variety programs, Sica was ranked in the 11th place for "Who Would Be a Future Good Wife/Mother" (post no 10628 by Winter Fresh here)
02. Sungmin stated that there are many beautiful place in Seoul Like Jessica (Making of Seoul MV)
03. Sica works with Kim Dong Wok who she has been a fan of on Legally Blonde
04. She said Dong Wok is like an oppa for her but he looks younger than her
05. Sica said Myung Soo (her partner duet on NaengMyun) Seems rough in TV but in real life he is very comfortable, warm hearted, and take good care of her. Also very accomodating when they work together
06. Sica said working with Han Kyung is fun
07. She said she never practiced before for her acting in Legally Blonde so she get nervous at first
08. Ji Woo (Legally Blonde partner) said Ice Princess image doesn’t suit her because she is cute and have round eyes, while Ha Nee also said she has a cute character like Elle Wood
09. The Super Junior M choose Jessica to star in their Super Girl MV them self
10. Sica sing the most line in Echo (as you can hear)
11. Sica wants to be friend with actress Han Ye Seul ( She mentioned it on Sketchbook interview)
12. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) said Krystal is prettier than Sica, but she doesn't mind at all and she thinks Hyun Joong's Honest personality makes him become more charming (SS501 champagne)
13. Sica dance Gee with Young Saeng (SS501) on SS501 champagne
14. Sica thanks (singers) KARA Goo Ha Ra, DAVICHI Kang Min Kyung, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong on their Oh! Album'
15. Kyu Hyun thanks Jessica and Yoona from SNSD on Super Junior Bonamana album.
16. Kyu Hyun Super Junior want to have a duet with SNSD Taeyeon and Jessica..
17. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) Tell Jessica his ranking who he likes from SNSD from best to worst (SS501 champagne)

01. Sica is a fan of the Author of Confessions of a Shopaholic [Sophie Kinsella] she is reading her books such as "Can You keep a secret" and "Remember Me"

01. Sica's shoe size is 230 mm (IY)

01. Sica has the Golden Hip Ratio 7:10 (her waist is 21 inches and her hips are 30, when you divide waist by hips it equals 0.7, the golden hip ratio.

19 kisses me :):

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Can I ask?? Did SNSD Jessica has younger brother?? I just want to know it is real or not because I read one website said that SNSD Jessica has a younger brother.

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Как Вы считаете, на сколько поднимутся [url=]пенсии[/url] после нового года?

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Um, actually kitten in Japanese is Koneko, not goneko. I just wanted to let you know.

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I love all about her..She's really warm ice..XD
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She's really adoreable..Her voice, personality, face, and fashion...Love it all..Wish her all the best..
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jessica fact: before debute jessica is one of the face of snsd along w/ yoona and lee yeon hye ? I don't know if thats the correct name of that girl..,,, ( the proof is from the making of snsd '') im using a mobile so i can't link it