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Saya Buat Magic Sekejap !

Salam semua . Nas malas nak berkata pujangga , terus cut to the topik XD

Tahun 2011 nie memang busy betul la . Hari pertama sekolah dah boleh dijadikan bukti . Dah la mulai tahun ini takda orentasi untuk pelajar Form 4 , so terus belajarla. Lagipun , kalau orentasi tue ader , membazir masa jugak , sebab budak-budak mana lalu nak dengar ceramah . Baik masuk kelas belajar . Tengok , nas berkesempatan update blog bila , Bulan Mac tuh ! 

Ok , masa bulan January .. Takde ape ape lagi yang berlaku . Setakat nie cikgu-cikgu tak tunjuk belang lagi . Jap , nie kira kes ngumpat cikgu tak ? tak tak . Masuk bulan February . Ha , nie yang best nie . Maulidur Rasul ( 15 / 2 ) dengan Hari Jadi SNSD Sooyoung ( 10.2 ) XD . Bila dah busy ngan homework , yang sempat bukak fb . SSB pown sekadar ambil merit jeah .

10 February 2011

Masuk bulan Mac lagi busy campur cuak . Minggu pertama haritue dah berlangsungnya peperiksaan bulan Mac . *ecehceh . Usaha nas sederhana , sebab tue ader yang takleyh jawab tuh XD Addmath la , ape laie .
Hari Jumaat pulak * semalam punya semalam * ader larian ceria . Cuak-cuak . Berserah jela . Lari punya lari , alhamdulillah ,  dapat  jugak nas sumbangkan mata untuk rumah sukan . Kategori PA dapat no 2 . * bukan riak / ujub .* la , baru teringat satu benda ,  bulan Mac dah sekarang nie , birthday Tae unnie dah dekat dah . ( 9 march ) . Bape hari lagi , ---> ha kira sendiri.

So lega dapat update . Walaupun sikit , XD . Lagu dah tukar . G.Na Let Me Kiss You ( awww ! )
Habis dah ..
Salam :)


♥ Facts One ♥

1. The meaning of the name Choi SooYoung is Luxurious Flower Petal

2. Soo is the third youngest member but she is the tallest of them all (170 cm AND GROWING).

3. She doesn’t call her unnis “unni”. (Nobody can be as badass as Soo, yo!)

4. Jessica gave her the English name “Summer”.

5. She eats an average of 6-7 times in a one day.

6. Soo never had a boyfriend.

7. Taeyeon busted out one of her sleeping habits: SLEEP TALKING.

8. Aside from Sunny, Soo is also one certified gamer in SNSD.

9. She can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes.

10. She was once asked for a dare in a variety show to put on a swimming tube and do the Gee crab dance in a coffee shop. She was very shy at first but she managed to finish the task amazingly. The dare is taken as a prank in relation for her name (sooyoung) which is also the Korean word for “swimming”.

11. It was revealed by SuJu that Sungmin of Super Junior is closest with her and Sunny that on SuJu’s 3rd album, Sungmin mentioned Sooyoungie on his Thanks To part.

12. Soo has worked many times with Kangin of Super Junior (from her predebut days in MNET VJ Chat to the movie SoonJung Mahwa and many other radio shows in between)

13. One of her pastimes include discovering new facial expressions when she faces the mirror without any make-up.

14. Sooyoung’s bestfriend is her sister, Soojin.

15. She won the Most Comic Talent award during the 2009 Girl’s Award.

16. In relation to that award show, DBSK was quoted saying that “She is really fun to be around and has that special something that makes her stand out”.

17. She has a huge crush on Jo Insung and Lee Sueng Gi

18. She likes TALL men with broad shoulders, good backsides, and V-shaped back.

19. She goes fangirl crazy over VOS.

20. Comic-writer Kangfull made a comic for Sooyoung. Apparently, Sooyoung sent him a fan e-mail before. Kangfull was so impressed with the way Sooyoung talks (very mature for her age) that he replied to her fanmail. Years later, they finally meet when Sooyoung starred on the movie adaptation of Kangfull’s Manhwa.

21. Nicknamed Cheerful Princess because of her charming personality. She is considered one the friendliest members in the group.

22. She can spot fancams easily and she acknowledges them by smiling/waving/sending winks.

23. Soo has a penchant on keeping things even though they’re worn out when she really likes it.

24. When she was in middle school, she liked a certain guy that on Valentine’s Day she planned on giving him chocolates. When the great day arrived, she was so shy to reveal her feelings that she ended up not giving the chocolates and bringing it back home.

25. A TRAX member taught her how to play the drums while Sungmin taught her how to play the guitar.

26. She can play the piano as seen on her performance during the Chunji Concert.

27. She was part of the Jeong Shin Female High School choir back in her high school days

28. Called the Home Shopping Queen because she can perfectly imitate the hosts of Home Shopping Channels

29. She feels that she is not beautiful and that only ahjussi-fans like her. (Ya Choi Sooyoung, come here so I can bash your head for thinking this way!)

30. Nicknamed ShikShin by the other SNSD girls because of her big appetite. ShikShin literally means FOOD GODDESS.

31. She can speak Korean, Japanese, and some English

32. She is the Most Experienced member in the group as she already debuted even before SNSD as a member of the duo Route 0.

33. SNSD is her first debut as an artist in Korea but it is also her second debut as an artist (as a whole). Her first debut was in Japan.

34. She lives with her Mom, Dad, older sister, and a little dog

35. Her blood type is 0.

36. A devout Christian, she is also close friends with Jaeson Ma (pastor/musician)

37. She sang the trot song “Kkok”, which means Sure, for the show Working Mom with SNSD Yuri

38. The other members refer to her as the girl who “tries hard to be funny”. (LOL I beg to disagree)

39. While in Japan, she became close friends with BoA and Sunday from The Grace as they too were working in Japan as singers at the time.

40. Soo is currently the youngest member to win in the game show Star Golden Bell.

41. Aside from ShikShin, the girls also gave Sooyoung the nickname NaSoo which means interrupter.

42. Referred by some netizens as Anti’s Darling as she is the most loved/least hated member by antis. Most of whom credit it to her down-to-earth attitude and naturalness.

43. She has the least thread posts in the STAND forum.

44. She likes spicy cabbages. (kimchi?)

45. Her favorite season is Winter. (to think that her English name is Summer. LOL)

46. She is a big fan of Stacie Orrico. She made a cover of Orrico’s Stuck (pre-debut days) and I Promise (with Jessica).

47. Soo rates herself a score of 70. (Why Soo, why?)

48. Between love and friendship, she chooses the latter.

49. On an interview, Sooyoung was asked the question “What would you say to the people who truly love you?” and she replied “Little fool! I love you!” (violent side taking over again)

50. On the same interview, she was asked how many boy liked her and she said “5, but they don’t really love me, just used me to dispel loneliness.” (awww.. :|)

51. The name she would want to give her future kids would be either Hid or Cinderella.

52. Her favorite number is eight. Her Jersey Number 24 on Oh! was explained when the members exposed the fact that she wrote it because she wants to marry at age 24. Soo reasoned, “It’s just a wish. If I get married, then I can’t do SNSD anymore, so I’ll flip the numbers over and marry at age 42.” (LOL)

53. “Let’s not procrastinate” is her motto.

54. Her favorite song from Girl’s Generation is “Complete”.

55. The longest time that she liked a guy is a month and a half. (hahaha ROFL)

56. Taeyeon calls Sooyoung her friend, dongsaeng, companion, and husband. She used all four words when referring to Soo during the Rolling Paper activity on Maybee’s Radio

57. Sooyoung admitted on Oh SangJin’s radio show that she more acquainted with actors/actresses than music idols.

58. One reason for #57 is that most of the people in her Bible Study Group are actors/actresses. Those she have mentioned were Jung Joon, Sung Yuri, Lee Jin, Ok Juhyun, Na Eol, and Kim Ajoong.

59. Aside from sleep talking, she sometimes “invades” other members bed. Back when she was still roommates with TaeTae and Yoong, she woke up feeling uncomfortable only to find out that she’s in between her and Tae’s bed. (LOL)

60. She is close friends with Lee Yeonhee. Their friendship started way back their pre-debut days when they auditioned for the Korea-Japan Idol Casting. They were reunited after many years for the movie Soonjung Manhwa.

61. There was this incident during a fan meeting when the manager was rushing a fan who is getting signatures from the girls. Sooyoung insisted on writing the fan’s chinese name as a token of appreciation for the fan’s support.

62. She was given the title “Kim Yuna of the Entertainment Industry”.

63. Sooyoung has no dance music in her mp3 player since she likes ballads so much.

64. Her favorite color is pink.

65. Tiffany shared a story on a radio program on how during their trainee days, Sooyoung saved her mother’s number under Jo Insung’s name. She would then get messages saying “What are you doing?”, “Did you eat?” and all were from “Jo InSung”. She got busted when “Jo InSung” called and it was her mother’s voice which was heard from the other line. (ROFLMAOLOL)

66. Yoona and Tiffany revealed that Sooyoung has a crush towards Go Soo (an actor from Will It Snow For Christmas). She denied at first but after Yoona revelead that she had made Go Soo a cellphone charm, she immediately agreed while blushing (LOL). She even said that just thinking of him makes her smile. (HAHAHA FANGIRL!)

67. Sooyoung invents nicknames for the girls. She calls Hyoyeon, Hyosukie; Taeyeon, Taengie; Yoona, Yoongie; and Seohyun, Makdoongie (cute way of saying maknae).
68. Aside from Stacie Orrico, Soo also revealed that she is a fan of Jason Mraz. (oh, could listening to foreign artists be her way of practicing her English? How lovely!)

69. Soo pointed out during a Sukira guesting that one of the things she worry about herself is that she has too much hair. This must be related to her UFO reply when a fan asked why she cut her hair (during Genie promotions) and she answered “I want it to dry fast”.

70. During the same Sukira guesting, the girls subtly hinted that Sooyoung once had a crush on Eunhyuk during their trainee days. (HAHAHA)

71. If she wasn’t in SoShi, Soo said that she would have been a designer.

72. Sooyoungie expressed sadness on being nominated as #1 on the Most Intimidating Member. She said that “They say that I seem like the most intimidating but I’m really quiet at the dorm.”

73. Hyo supported Soo’s statement by saying that Sooyoung is actually the Most Obedient. (looks can be really be deceiving)

74. Sooyoung cares for Maknae so much. She always speaks highly of Seobaby and she almost always lets her win on games.

75. Soo’s mom wants a boy so she is raised like one. Her mom made her wear pants and she used to sport a boycut back when she’s still a kid.

76. On SBS Strong Heart, Sooyoung confessed about an incident involving a toilet. Her whole family was in a Seoul subway stop when some fans took notice of her. Sooyoung who wasn’t all decked out in her stage apparel and makeup, ran into the bathroom to hide (she was afraid someone would write that she doesn’t look that good in person). The two fans were knocking on the door but Sooyoung kept on insisting that she is not SNSD’s Sooyoung and that they’ve got the wrong person. As they were losing hope, suddenly Sooyoung’s mother yelled “CHOI SOOYOUNG! HURRY UP AND COME OUT!” (LOL). Of course, with her identity confirmed, no fan would just leave. Sooyoung said, “They slipped a piece of paper under the stall door and I just took it and quickly signed it. They eventually went away and I was finally able to get out of the bathroom!” (she is so worried about her appearance lol)

77. Her favorite ice cream flavor is chocomint.

78. Apart from her weird sleeping habits, Sooyoung was once caught pouting her lips (as if kissing someone) in her sleep.

79. Sooyoung and FT Island Jaejin are close friends.

80. Acting in a historical drama is one of her greatest dreams as an actress.

81. Sooyoung mentioned in SGB that her first love is an oppa whom she had seen on the streets. (LOL) She was in middle school back then, and the guy was in high school. It was love at first sight for her that she admitted following the boy at times. She was heartbroken when she saw the guy with his girlfriend. She calls the guy her Romeo and until now, that boy doesn’t know about her feelings at all. (awww)

82. In an episode of Wonderful Outing, Yuri said that she gained 5 kilograms during their Unforgettable Marriage days because she was always eating along with Sooyoung. She gained weight by following the ShikShin’s eating schedule which is 7 times in one day.

83. She sang the opening song ‘I Am’ for the Korean version of the anime InuYasha.

84. Sooyoung and Yuri recently attended a class party with their ChungAng classmates. For many reasons it’s hard for celebrities to take part in these events with other regular students. The regular students are usually distant with the celebrity students but a classmate has been praising the girls for coming to school whenever their busy schedule permitted and mingling together with other students.

85. Apart from Sungmin, she is especially close with Hankyung of Super Junior. She was even quoted saying in a playful manner that “Hankyung-oppa is Made in China.”

86. Her Japanese name is Che Suyon.

87. Known as the group’s megaphone, Sooyoung is almost always the spokesperson during interviews, whenever the group receives awards, or even other not-so-good things. Her flair for words is definitely one, if not her most, renowned talents.

88. On an interview in Chosen, Sooyoung is referred to be the most well-mannered and respectable amongst the members.

89. Along with this, Yuri was quoted on saying that “More than anyone, Sooyoung is the member most devoted to justice and what’s right. When there’s something that everyone else hates to do, she’ll get up and do it, and if there’s some sort of conflict, she’ll get up right away and set it straight.”

90. Sooyoungie is a Harry Potter fan. 


♥ Facts One ♥

1.She is known for her quirky AB personality and blunt ness.Suju Kangin: “Being honest and 
truthful is your charm HyoYeon. Make sure you don’t lose it, ok?” rofl.

2.  SNSD’s current moodmaker but gets stage fright and can’t be funny on the spot.

3.  Obsessive about cleanliness and hygiene. She hates the feeling of unbrushed teeth.

4. Clenches her jaw and makes sad faces on purpose when she sleeps because she hates when people sleep with their mouths open:D (lol..Yunho:D)

5. Doesn’t like bothering others and talking about her problems/feelings. She tries to make a joke or let it pass.”I like to make up questions and answer them myself.” <3

6. Likes to imitate other people (like Tablo ) and their manager, especially, when he’s yelling at them.

7. Usually sits in the front seat of their van so that she can talk to the managers and keep them awake while driving <3. But the managers try to send her back sometimes cos she talks too much..haha

8. When she was younger, her dad would make her do push ups and sit ups as punishment for making noise in public places..haha… no wonder she was a tomboy.

9. Confident with powerful dances but is insecure about sexy dancing. When she trained in SM, she was put in the boys dancing class because of her power and talent ^^.

10. Often cooks breakfast, sets the table for the rest of the members cos she wakes up earliest and is a good cook.

11. However, she loves fast food like McDonald’s but tries not to eat too much of it.

12. Usually wakes up the members but often gets scolded by them in their sleep (especially Tiffany and Yoona but they always apologize when they are actually awake..:D)

13. Finds doing laundry comforting. Washes her clothes after wearing them just once.

14. Almost always wears the ring on her left hand ring finger and her Tiffany’s bracelet (she started wearing them shortly after the Girls Generation single came out). The only times she’s been seen without them are during photo-shoots or award shows.

15. Wants to get married early and have a family.

16. She would give up her career for love.

17. Her ideal member if she was a guy:- Tiffany, Sunny,  Herself

18. Obsessed with her nails.Frequently seen at XXX Nail Shop and XXX Tanning Salon(during Fall), both in Apgujeong.

19. very interested in fashion: designing AND becoming a glamorous fashionista like Jennifer Lopez.

20. She’s athletic and is one of the three best runners in SNSD along with Sunny and Tiffany.

21. Considered to be one of the most independent members of SNSD.

22. Helps with SNSD’s choreography and often stays behind after her own practise to help the other members. Tiffany calls her Dance Teacher Hyo.

23. Can memorize a dance move/routine by just watching it once or twice.

24. Studied in China for over a year along with SuJu Siwon.

25. Hyoyeon hates the feeling of not brushing right after you eat.

26. HyoYeon has 14 ear piercings. She also has one on her tongue.

27. Hyoyeon studied in China for a month and gained weight… the time she came back to Korea, Sooyoung called her Princess Fiona… She didn’t know who Princess Fiona was, but being called a Princess, she was happy… until the time she learned who Princess Fiona was..

28. Her hometown is Incheon.

29. She enrolled at Winners Dance School.

30. She has learned Jazz, ballet, hip-hop, belly dancing, popping and locking.

31. She has trained with Popping Hyung Jun, Black Beat’s Shim JaeWon, CSJH Stephanie, Lee MinWoo.

32. Debuted as BoA’s silhoutte during 2005 MKMF Awards.

33. She looks for a guy in – a certain feel, a sense of humour, good fashion sense.

34. Her good friends is JYP’s Min, Kara’s Nicole and Gyuri, 2PM’s Junsu.

35. She entered SME in 2000 during Grade 5 of Elementary School.


♥ Facts One ♥

1.When Yuri is focused on something, she doesn’t pay attention to other things.. (Win Win Ep. 11)

2. Yuri cried most of the time, if she’s talking about members..

3. Once Yuri cried in IY, because she’s talking about Tiff that cares her so much.. (IY Ep 1)

4. Yuri is thinking about the member when she’s acting crying in K.Will’s MV (Jeon Hyunmoo’s 
Freeway Radio – Sooyoung & Yuri cut [07.31.09])

5. Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days (Win Win Ep. 11)

6. Yuri got slapping habiT

7. Yuri was said a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member by more than 1 psychologist (you can watch from viewable radio that invites psychologist)

8. Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her

9. Yuri can’t play badminton well

10. Yuri has a mischievous childhood (Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun – SNSD)

11. Yuri can’t do Math well

12. Yuri is now SooYoung’s university hoobae

13. Yuri has an ahjussi fan who used to manage and deliver them chinese food… He always came with free dishes for the girls because he likes Yuri very much (Sweet Night EP 04 – SNSD [01.31.10])

14. Yuri can make an imitation of Oh Duri

15. Yuri ever pranked Sunny with a call to Chunji radio just because she missed Sunny so much

16. Yuri is the slowest member in learning new moves (Jeon Hyunmoo’s Freeway Radio – Sooyoung & Yuri cut [07.31.09])

17. When Yuri forgot her “Honey” lyrics, she just kept smiling when it’s her turn (check Honey Live Performance 22 December 2007)

18. Yuri takes care of her health so much

19. Yuri is one of the shikshins in SNSD

20. Yuri used to be very skinny before being casted in Unstoppable Marriage but after appearing in the sitcom with Sooyoung, her weight increased by 5kg! Interestingly, Sooyoung didn’t gain any weight at all over the same time period

21. Yuri admitted that she likes to cry (SNSD Physiognomic Judgements of Fortune-YURI)

22. Yuri once had an oppa friend that she liked, but he only saw her as a little brother (yes, brother) figure! According to Yuri, he regrets it a LOT now

23. Yuri and Sooyoung once went over to a public bath house and was noticed by other high school girls there, who in the end figured that SNSD wouldn’t come to such place and left without saying a word to them

24. Yuri can’t cook. But she holds cooking contests with Taeyeon sometimes. And as expected, Taeyeon is always the winner. Haha!

25. HyoYeon used to be angry at Yuri and treated her like an enemy before because she was jealous at how many people thought Yuri was the best dancer in SNSD

26. Yuri had a boyfriend when she was in grade 10

27. Yuri appeared in a Super Junior’s movie “Attacks of the pin up boys” and she play as a ballerina who in the end get in a dance group with Heechul, Donghae

28. She licked the cake that they made for maknae’s surprise party.. She was asked by the other members, but she said that she just smelled it, but if you see properly, I guess she’s licking it.. (Hello Baby X-File Ep 4)

29. Once, the members pranked Yuri in the April fool day in 2008.. Yuri was so shocked that the members didn’t wanna give this kind of prank to her anymore..

30. Yuri has 3 stages when she’s mad!

31. Yuri has a healthy habit of grinding ma and drinking it every morning

32. Yuri’s nickname “Black Pearl”, was given by an unni back in her training days

33. Yuri has an older brother who’s currently doing military service

34. When she’s tired, she sleeps with her tongue slightly sticking out

35. Yuri likes to talk to herself (Win Win Ep. 11)

36. Yuri’s brother has ended his military service

37. Yuri’s specialty is swimming

39. Yoona is amazing and dedicated. She barely slept while working on YAMD & Yul liked to call her just to listen to her voice

40. Yuri posted private pics like her using 1st anni stuff in 2008 and more on her blog!

41. Yuri used to own a blog (tossi) and no one believed it was her until she posted her baby picture … you can read trans at ssf

42. Yuri used to stay at home a lot and listen to Sunny’s Chunji radio

43. Yuri likes to collect candles and the most recent one she bought looks like chocolate and even smells like chocolate

44. Yuri makes the most dance mistakes (MTV Class Up – SNSD [02.21.08])

45. Yuri forgets the lyrics very frequently (she ever forget several songs’ lyrics. One of them is Honey song)

46. Yuri’s hobby is Yoga

47. Yuri’s very flexible (definitely)

48. Yuri’s current roommate is Yoona (previous roommate is Sunny)

49. Yuri is a prankster. She has teased Fany with fake bugs

50. Yuri once tied other members shoelaces together and ran away

51. Yuri is also a bug catcher

52. Yuri can play the violin and piano

53. She has impressive EngLish skills. Some of her quotes,”Don’t touchy me”, “Made in USA”,and “Today is Monday”

54. Yuri has a mole right above her bellybutton

55. When Yuri talks to guys the tone of her voice changes

56. Yuri’s favorite dishes are jjajjangmyun and omurice (The first one was mentioned on invincible youth and the second on some radio show I think)

57. Yuri likes listening to Jason Mraz (link for the proof is in page 6 )

58. Ok Ju Hyun talked on Invincible Youth once about Yuri’s butt. According to her Yuri has an Apple Butt

59. Yuri likes to imitate other members

60. Yuri is the lawyer of SNSD cause when in an argument, she list down what she has to say first

61. Yuri loves Mickey Mouse so much and she has the same birthdate as Walt Disney (maker of that famous mouse XD)

62. Aside from Black Pearl, Yuri was also called “black beans” and “cola” as her nickname (from MTV)

63. Yuri has a clean personality. Sports Korea looked through their bags and they said that Yuri likes to make things clean/organize by only bringing things which are absolutely necessary

64. Yuri said that she was a “happy virus”

65. Yuri scared SuJu’s Leetuek because of her dinosaur noises. (Champagne)

66. Yuri said that his ideal guys is “someone who can adeptly change a tire.” (Love Generation)

67. Yuri was the last person to graduate from high school out of the SNSD members graduating in year 2008

68. Yuri usually bring up the mood in their family during Lunar New Year by singing “trot” in front of her grandmother and grandfather and doing cute things. (Interview from StarNews, 2008)

69. Yuri was bashed before just because she made a wrong term of using ‘our’ country in a video. The phrase ‘our’ (ju-hee) country is the wrong expression with the mearning of lowering oneself. (During debut days)

70. In KJE Chocolate, Yuri chose Justin Timberlake as his ideal guy and Yuri said that if they get married, they would dance while eating every morning and dance while walking down the street or sing together

71. In a very old show, when SNSD was hypnotized to see their previous lifes (Actually the show is about to prove that they can make pp see their fake previous life by adding some info/pics before they got hypnotized). When all the members saw themselves as a same certain person. Yuri saw her as a daughter of Indian village leader in her previous life. Isn’t she so cool and awesome? I really believe that she actually saw her true previous life. No wonder she has her chocolate milk skin

72. In some of Hello baby ep, the girls said that Yuri and her brother are really similar to each other and they even thought that Yuri grew beard

73. Yuri didn’t have much girl friends to play with until she’s joined SNSD since she doesn’t have any sisters but brother, so she was friend with most of her brother’s friends

74. Yuri’s first crush was one of her brother’s friends. She even bought chocolate and put it in his mail box ^^

75. Yuri is scared of elephant. When SNSD went to Thailand to promote, she was the only one who didn’t ride on the elephant

76. Yuri like kissing stuff. HyoYeon revealed that in Hello baby

77. Yuri once scared the girls with her fake rat. She put it in their garbage can, covered it but let the tail out

78. Yuri once put the fart-pillow on a chair and covered it, Maknae was her victim when she innocently sit on it and then embarrassedly tried to explain that it wasn’t her who farted

79. “200 Pounds Beauty” Korean movie has come to life but a male version. A really fatty boy has succeeded to lose wieght thanks to his dream girl’s motivation and encourages. Lol seriously i don’t lie. Do you still remember that in SK a boy with his OMG weight declared that he was thinking of Yuri and Yuri is his motivation while putting all his effort to lose weight. Then Yuri encouraged him and told him that she would fall for him if he put more effort to gain some muscle and chocolate abs. 

80. Yuri told that she once said “jagi (honey) ah” to a girl on a show. And then Jessica wanted to tried to call honey-ah with Yuri. lol This is more Yulsic fact

81. She like cooking / like to cook for other members but they told her to stop giving them her food ^^ (Intimate Note)

82. Yuri fall asleep after 10 minutes watching film and wake up 10 minutes before the movie ends. When the members laughing or claping at the movie, she suddenly walk up and laugh with them without knowing the reason (Intimate Note)

83. Her favorite movie : “Mother” (Intimate Note)

84. She hate to lose. and She’s very competitive

85. She’s the sexiest Pearl ever (lol everyone know that )

86. Yuri’s very close to her brother. Her brother is quite popular in army thanks to being Yuri’s brother ^^. She gave him her sponsor things like Biotherm and DSI … on the last time they met ^^ (fanaccount)

87. In the fan signing event,s Yuri likes to draw pp’s faces before signing for them (but i think this habit was in the past, nowadays she doesn’t have much time to do anything but sign)

88. Yuri’s dream man is Song Seung Heon, a super famous hallyu star, someone she looks up to since most of my friends (who are girls) seems to want their boyfriends to be like him or want someone like him. You all might say, ‘but this is SNSD’s overall ideal man’ they chose from their episode of Sweet Night (Ideal World Cup segment aired on Feb. 7th 2010)’. Besides Song Seung Heon, i’m sure she likes other Hallyu stars out there, but this is just a few videos that i could find to proof that she likes him and to even admitted publicly and i know that she also likes Justin Timberlake to be her husband if there is a show where MBC’s WGM can have international guests (KJE’s Chocolate episode)

89. Another nickname for Yuri is BK Yuri given by baseball players after they saw her pitch sidearm in 2007 at a Doosan Bears game. The initial “BK” comes from a famous baseball pitcher named Kim Byung Hyun (for proof, visit here)

90. Yuri got caught drinking out of Kyungsan’s baby bottle (Hello Baby Ep. 14)

91. Yuri can be successful in a solo career according to Lee Hyori

92. Yuri sleepwalking consists of getting up, turns on the light, checks her cellphone and then turns off the light (PKL’s WO – Dangerous Invitation)

93. Yuri does Yoga positions in her sleep

94. Yuri’s look is more refined since debut

95. Yuri is majoring in Theater Arts @ Chung Ang University

96. Yuri had help from Seungri (Big Bang) in introducing her to her friends, but also
was embarrassed by him during one of her ‘basic acting exercise’ class

97. Yuri’s mindset when she’s in school are: she’s not ‘SNSD Yuri’ but just Yuri, try to avoid getting attention and not stand out, and study hard

98. When Yuri was browsing internet, she locked the door. Then she came out and Yoona asked her why she is so much sexier since that event. ([100410] KBS2 Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date – SNSD)

99. Yuri once called a restaurant and asked what their menu was.when the employee was done selling her, yuri chose omelet rice.which the employee did not mention.

100. during a signing event,when a fan showed up a piece paper saying ” i heard yuri is a goddess,is that true?”.yuri wrote on the bottom.
“yes ^^”

101. It takes 3 days for Yuri to master a choreography

102. Yuri is very proud with her S-line

103. Yuri can’t reach the high so(3rd octave??) note (IY)

104. Yuri is a never-say-die person when she’s competing with others (Factory Girl)

105. Yuri is HyoYeon’s biggest rival when comes to dancing (Girls Go To School)

106. Yuri has the most hand holding scences with Jessica

107. Yuri’s most closest friend in SNSD is Jessica

108. Yuri is now in College with Big Bang’s Seung-ri

109. Yuri’s hair grows fast

110. Yuri is one of the best looking in Boys Attire (MNet Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso)

111. Yuri is also scared of alive fish her expression was so priceless! (IY Ep 27)

112. Yuri said that she was a huge fan of G.O.D back then, and she held a blue balloon or something. She also said that Kim Tae Woo was her favourite G.O.D member. But she said he wasn’t her ideal type in IY

113. Danny Ahn of G.O.D said that he likes Yuri and he thinks that he can beat Taewoo to win her over(LOL).


♥ Facts One ♥

1. Yoona is #2 shikshin
2. she makes a cute angry face whenever yuri is sad
3. Yoona is the #1 Queen of CF in SNSD.
4. Got many male & female fans want to tackle her.
5. she’s a great actress
6. and a model as well.
7. She is the face of Soshi.
8. Her daum fanclub, Luxul, is currently the largest among soshi members.
9. Yoona would like a son and a daughter
10. She picked Bali (or summer island) for her dream honeymoon destination
11. According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems quiet and hard to approach, she’s actually one of the friendliest soshi member
12. she’s been in many mv for high profile groups and singers. (dbsk, csjh, super junior, lsc)
13. she likes to bow really low! (very random i know, but it’s so cute!)
14. CSJH’s Dana was one of her vocal coach.
15. Yoona is more confident in her dancing and acting compared to singing
16. Yoona is soshi’s dishwasher
17. She’s a part of Soshi dance trio
18. She was a permanent guest on Superjunior Kiss the Radio
19. 200+ auditions for 9ends2outs.
20. Her many awesome facial expressions
21. The best and cutest “Yoona Bboo-oo” (pout)
22. Sasem Yoona and Him Yoona -> nick names
23. Yoona loves rollercoaster ride
24. Yoona loves to eat cereal before bed
25. YoonA ideal man is Daniel Henney & got a sweet hug from him
26. The soshi member she relates to the most is Yuri
27. YoonA fans among male celebs
28. YAMD and 3 hours of sleep
29. Yoona is prettier than flowers XD
30. YoonA has a great S-line figure
31. Have many Ajumma and Halmoni fans because of YAMD
32. Has a Yoonique laugh -> Aligator Yoong
33. Her favourite season is winter.
34. Yoona has admitted that she has never had a boyfriend nor has anyone pursued her.
35. Yoona’s favourite colour is blue. Taeyeon mentioned this on ChinChin
36. Yoona shared the money she got from New Years with the girls (from sossip mill)
37. She would become a Chef if she was not a singer !even though she believes that she is not that good at cooking but she enjoys it!
38. On an episode of Champagne Yoona has revealed she likes older guys up to 5 years older
39. As of August 2009, Yoona is 167cm and a little under 50kg [revealed on Champagne]
40. Sleeping at the hair salon.
41. The member Yoona wants to be alike is Sunny. When Sunny smiles, Yoona wants to be like here [Elle Girl 09 interview]
42. Jessica thinks Yoona is the cutest dongseng
43. Yoona has no ear pierce
44. She’s a free thinker (I’m so sad. no offense)
45. She has two kinds of dimples. A pair of small ones and a pair of big ones.
46. YoonA loves mint chocolate chip ice cream! (it’s my favorite too)
47. Yoona has genes that prevent her from getting fat! –revealed by SNSD’s trainer.
48. Yoona is the queen of midnight snacking.O yea, me too. Heard this on one of the episodes of either GTTS or Manwon Happiness.
49. Yoona doesn’t like guys whose faces are too masculine.
50. Yoona’s favorite fruit is strawberry (she mentioned it on Infinity Challenge)
51. Yoona is the ideal girl of Nickhun from 2pm
52. YoonA took pastry classes.
53. yoonA is the ideal girl of Lee Seung Gi
54. yoonA’s zodiac is gemini
55. yoonA is a fan of Kimura Takuya (HB 18)
56. Yoona prefers Kimura Takuya more than Yun Jung Hoon. (HB 18)
57. Yoona seems to prefer married men, since all her ideal men are married. (Sounds wrong, I know)
58. Yoona likes ballad song mentioned by SooYoung in strong Heart ep3
59. Yoona doesn’t care about height when it comes to ideal man but a little taller than her would be nice mentioned by her in Family Outing
60. Dong Woon, Hyun Seung and Jun Hyung from boy band B2ST all picked YoonA as their favorite SNSD girl.
61. Yoona and Yuri are roommates!!!!
62. Yoona is a dedicated actress. (She cut her hair for her role in Cinderella Man. She asks her sunbaes for advice and criticism.)
63. Yoona’s voice is great for ballads.
64. Yoong wants to get married by the time she’s 27-28. ( From Guerilla Date)
65. Yoong uses 3 type of perfumes but she prefer to use ISSEY MIYAKE the most. from Ceci magazine interview
66. yoona unnie has a unique aegyo that she only showed to her unnies,,, (mentioned by sica unnie in Global talk show, such a cute voice when she says unnie~~ )
67. when she audition for SM, she sang the song from Wax titled (mentioned in Girls on Top,,,,)
68. The most recent dish that she made is kimchi pancake (mentioned in girls on top also)
69. Yoong can’t eat chicken feet. {Family Season 2 Episode 12}
70. Beside dancing, singing & acting skill, Yoona got variety gag skill ) she likes copying Ahn YoungMi voice & [according to other members] she usually use that voice at home [they mean at their dorm ]
71. when Yoona have sth that she really wants to let it out… she would choose Hyoyeon and make Hyoyeon unnie stay up until the dawn ) [which means Yoona talked all night looooooooong ] [Intimate Note]
72. When Yoona is upset..she’ll voice it out saying “Im upset!” thousands times in a daY